At HONEYTECH, we care about fire safety.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Fire-safe Honeycomb / ACM Panels - If fire safety is your big concern, talk to us.

Welded Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for Fire-Safe and Lightweight Solutions

HONEYTECH Advanced Composites is dedicated in supplying new-generation aluminum honeycomb / ACM panels and stone honeycomb panels for more than 10 years. Our product range includes the cutting-edge brazed (welded) aluminum honeycomb panels / ACM panels and fire safe stone honeycomb panels.

HONEYTECH offers fire proof honeycomb solutions by its advanced technology in brazing. The honeycomb core is welded with aluminum skins by brazing process, making the aluminum honeycomb panel 100% adhesive free. The panel itself is completely non-combustible, allowing it to comply with even the most stringent fire regulations in the world.

HONEYTECH also offers lightweight stone honeycomb panels with top fire performance amongst the industry. By minimize the combustible adhesive that has to adopt in the whole composite, our panels have optimal balance in terms of fire performance and mechanical performance.

With the vision of providing fire-safe honeycomb panels and ACM panels to the world, HONEYTECH is dedicated to offer high performance panels yet with economic pricing. Contact us today for your customized solutions for fire-safe aluminum honeycomb panels / AMC panels and stone honeycomb panels.

The Core Technology

Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

At HONEYTECH, we provide revolutionary technology of honeycomb composite panels. By adapting brazing techniques, our aluminum panels are fully welded without any adhesive, making it a 100% non-combustible material. While its components are all aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.

Brazed ACM Panels

Traditional ACM panels adopts adhesive to glue both sides aluminum skin with the polyethylene core. When applying such panels onto building envelop, it will be high risk under fire scenario. The fire will spread quickly through the combustible ACM panels which will cause great loss and tragedy.
At HONEYTECH, our new generation ACM panels adopts metal core and applying brazing techniques to weld with aluminum skins, making the panels 100% non-combustible. While its components are all aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.

Brazed ACM Panels
Stone Honeycomb Panels with Brazed Backing

Stone Honeycomb Panels with Brazed Backing

With raising concerns on traditional stone honeycomb panels for its poor fire performance, we introduce our welded panels as backing, and use thin layer of adhesive to bond the 5mm stone on top to minimize the combustible part of the whole composite. With this revolutionary application, our panels can meet the standard of BS EN13501-1 A2. components are all aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.

Our Panels

Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb Panels / ACM Panels
  • Aluminum skins welded with honeycomb core / metal.
  • Core 100% adhesive free Comply with most stringent fire regulations.
  • 4 times stronger than glue-bonding panels.
  • Applicable for construction / railway / marine use and more.
  • High Performance with economic pricing

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Stone Honeycomb Panels
  • Lightweight panels with 5mm stone veneer.
  • Applicable for exterior cladding in extreme weather condition.
  • 1500*3000mm large-format panels and easy installation.
  • Experienced fabrication team for complex odd-shape panels Thorough tests for high quality assurances.
  • High performance with economic pricing.

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What is Brazing?

Brazing is the process of joining two metal items with melting and flowing of the filler metal. The filler metal itself has lower melting point so the base metal will not be molten during the process.

HONEYTECH apply this technic in transforming the adhesive-bonding honeycomb panels and ACM panels into completely adhesive-free products. By applying 580 degree Celsius temperature with Nitrogen protection from Oxide, the two aluminum skins are fully welded with the honeycomb core / metal core, which achieving stronger mechanical properties with self-proven fire safety.

100% non-combustible

lightwight and strong

large Formet

Fast Instalation

Budget Saving

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