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Due to its lightweight feature, aluminum honeycomb panels are one of the most ideal choices for marine use. It can be applied in multiple areas on ships / vessels / cruises, etc, e.g. ceiling / decks / partitions / interior decorative panels / outdoor advertising panels and so on.

With the introduction of brazing technologies, our panels are naturally performs best in terms of fire conditions. The connection the panels are all through welding, without any adhesive is needed to be adopted. In case of fire, our panels are 100% NON-COMBUSITBLE, and no toxic smoke will be developed.

HONEYTECH product range includes brazing aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels. Our aluminum honeycomb panels have components of two layers of aluminum and aluminum honeycomb core in between. All the layers are connects through brazing process which adopts 580 degree Celsius to melt the filler metal and with protection of negative gas. Since no adhesive is used in the composite panels, our panels are completely fire proof and best suits using for marine.

Our stone honeycomb panels comprise of a thin stone layer and aluminum honeycomb backing for reinforcement. The panels can be adopted for interior decoration for luxury ships in the areas of bathroom, partitions, flooring etc. Its lightweight feature and cost-saving characteristic is designated for luxury marine use. Click on below bottoms in the panel section to get more details.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for Marine”


  • Lightweight
  • Fire Safe – No adhesive is adapted, 100% NON-COMBUSITBLE
  • No VOCs
  • Environmental friendly – All components are metallic, 100% recyclable
  • Stronger than glue-bonding honeycomb panels
  • Better weather resistance – Maximum temperature limitation is up to 600 degree Celsius
  • Long life cycle – No concern on deterioration on adhesive
  • Large format, easy installation
  • Cost saving

More information on the panels

Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb Panels / ACM Panels
  • Aluminum skins welded with honeycomb core / metal.
  • Core 100% adhesive free Comply with most stringent fire regulations.
  • 4 times stronger than glue-bonding panels.
  • Applicable for construction / railway / marine use and more.
  • High Performance with economic pricing

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Stone Honeycomb Panels
  • Lightweight panels with 5mm stone veneer.
  • Applicable for exterior cladding in extreme weather condition.
  • 1500*3000mm large-format panels and easy installation.
  • Experienced fabrication team for complex odd-shape panels Thorough tests for high quality assurances.
  • High performance with economic pricing.

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