What are the Uses and Applications of ACM Metal Panels?

Aluminum composite material (ACM) metal panel is considered to be one of the most elegant construction panels for residential and commercial purposes. It can be used for protecting outdoor walls and for commercial constructions. An ACM metal panel is made of two metal sheets strongly bonded with polyethylene (PE) sheets. It has a sandwich model […]

Advantages of Using ACM Panels for Construction

Brazed aluminum composite panels, also known as ACM panels, are considered to be one of the best elements to use as wall fixtures. They can offer beautiful colors, textures, tones, and designs. Industry-grade fire-rate aluminum is used to make these panels. These are extremely lightweight and can be installed very quickly on the walls. Let […]

5 Benefits To Choose Stone Veneer Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

When you choose a natural stone in any architecture design or project, you realize they come with many advantages – durability, unique aesthetics, and availability, to name a few. Furthermore, there are many colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. However, have you ever wondered how to combat the problem related to their weight and […]

Uses and Applications of Stone Honeycomb Panels in Architecture

The use of stone honeycomb panels has become prevalent in architectural projects, and many architects are using the same. These panels are natural stone composite panels made using a thin stone veneer and aluminum honeycomb backing. Stone honeycomb panels comprise a total thickness of 3 to 5 mm, respectively. They are highly aesthetic and have many […]