Uses and Applications of Stone Honeycomb Panels in Architecture

The use of stone honeycomb panels has become prevalent in architectural projects, and many architects are using the same. These panels are natural stone composite panels made using a thin stone veneer and aluminum honeycomb backing.

Stone honeycomb panels comprise a total thickness of 3 to 5 mm, respectively. They are highly aesthetic and have many advantages over the basic solid stone panels. The cost-effectiveness of stone honeycomb panels is the first reason many architects use them in home-designing projects. Compared to any solid stone, this material is less expensive. At the same time, it minimizes the use of natural resources, thereby doing its bit to preserve nature as well.  

The weight of the stone honeycomb panels is yet another reason that adds to these materials’ popularity. They are significantly lighter when compared to stone cladding. This is why their application is so widespread, specifically to the areas that limit the use of solid stone because of its weighty composition. However, the lightweight of stone honeycomb panels doesn’t mean that they are weak. Their strength is another reason that adds to their popularity in many indoor and outdoor home designing projects. As these panels are backed by aluminum, they offer increased impact resistance. Thus, they are not so prone to the damages involving installation or transportation of the material. These panels do not shatter like natural stones. The ease of installation is another reason that is adding to the widespread application of stone honeycomb panels in various designing projects. These panels are suitable for both interiors as well as exterior use. They could be installed easily and quickly compared to natural stones. 

Considering all the above-listed advantages, the use of stone honeycomb panels is widespread in the areas like exterior and interior architecture and design projects, renovation, elevator, and specialty applications. They can resist up to 60 times more impact during their application than granite or any other stone material.  

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