HONEYTECH Stone Honeycomb Panels

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HONEYTECH Stone Honeycomb Panels

Composition of panels

By adapting aircraft-grade adhesive, HONEYTECH offers thin stone honeycomb panels with 6mm natural stone laminated onto honeycomb backing, providing lightweight and appealing solutions for various applications. We offer two backing options, i.e. welded honeycomb backing and traditional adhesive-bonding backings, to suit with different application scenario as well as budget considerations.

HONEYTECH stone honeycomb panels comprise of a 6mm natural stone veneer and honeycomb panels underneath for reinforcement. It inherits the natural beauty of marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, granite and many more while eliminates the heavy weight issue which allows way faster installation for cost saving. Comparing to natural stone cladding which weights at least 80KG per square meter, our stone veneer panels only weights around 18KG per square meter.

While traditional stone cladding limits in size due to weight and fragileness, our stone honeycomb panels can be as large as one-piece 2000*6000mm. The stone veneer panels can be both for exterior and interior applications. For exterior panels, its lightweight feature enables huge cost saving in main structure of the building; And for interior the stone veneer panels usually used for expensive stone – since one slabs can yield at least two panels which significantly cut down the material cost. When taking account into the fast and easy installation for both exterior and interior, stone honeycomb panels are the best option for cost considerations.

HONEYTECH offers our cutting-edge brazed aluminum honeycomb backing for stone veneer panels. The backing itself has two layer of aluminum and aluminum honeycomb core in between, which are connected by brazing process and are completely fire proof. With such backing, our stone veneer panels are fire rated under BS13501-1 A2 as well as NFPA 285, solving the issue of fire concern when applying such aluminum composite panels for either exterior or interior.

We also offer traditional stone honeycomb panels which the aluminum honeycomb core is bonded with other layers with epoxy adhesive. This is also a good option for budget consideration and under less requirements of fire performance. Contact us today to get more details.

Composition of Honeycomb panels

With raising concerns on traditional stone honeycomb panels for its poor fire performance, we introduce our welded panels as backing, and use thin layer of adhesive to bond the 5mm stone on top to minimize the combustible part of the whole composite. With this revolutionary application, our panels can meet the standard of BS EN13501-1 A2.


  • Budget saving on various scenarios
  • 1/3 weight compared to solid stone with same thickness
  • 2 times of natural material usage – One stone slab yields two stone panels
  • Large format due to reinforcement of honeycomb backing
  • 3 times faster for installation compared to solid stone
  • Comply with stringent fire safety requirements if using welded backing
  • Factory pre-fabricated panels to skip complex and excessive site works
  • Weather resistant from -40 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius

Key Specifications and Comparisons with Glue-Bonding Honeycomb Panels




Exterior Panels

Interior Panels


Up to 1600mm, subject to width limitation of specific stone


Up to 3000mm, subject to length limitation of specific stone



Surface Finishes

Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush Hammered, etc

Flatwise Tensile Strength



Flatwise Compressive Strength



Flatwise Shear Strength



Flatwise Compressive Elastic Modulus



Flexural Strength



Drum Peeling Strength



Weather Resistance

-40 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius