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Expert of Adhesive-Free Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels

Aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum composite panels are known for advantages of lightweight, strong, large-format, cost effective and hence have been applied to different industries for many years. Apart from all the upper hands they have to offer, traditional honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panels using epoxy adhesive for bonding and other combustible fillings are still raising big concerns on issue of fire safety.

Being an expert in aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum composite panels, HONEYTECH is dedicated to solve this issue by introducing cutting-edge brazing technology. All the components in our panels is aluminum, and different layers are fully connected by brazing process under 580 degree Celsius. In this way, our new-generation aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum composite panels are completely adhesive-free and contain no other combustible material – which we call ‘genuine’ fire proof panels.

Based on this technology, HONEYTECH also works on the target of enhancing fire performance of stone honeycomb panels. By using the brazed aluminum honeycomb panels as backing, our stone honeycomb panels eliminate two layers of adhesive which highly improve the fire performance. Our fire rated stone honeycomb panels comply with standards under BS13501-1 A2 and NFPA 285. Besides advantage of fire proof, our panels are also more robust than traditional stone honeycomb panels – As our backing is fully welded, the connections between layers are 5 times stronger than glue-bonding ones. Such contributes to higher strength of impact, tensile and shear, making the panels drawing way less movement under thermal effects, which means way less bowing under extreme temperature.

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Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb Panels / ACM Panels

  • Aluminum skins welded with honeycomb core / metal.
  • Core 100% adhesive free Comply with most stringent fire regulations.
  • 4 times stronger than glue-bonding panels.
  • Applicable for construction / railway / marine use and more.
  • High Performance with economic pricing

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Stone Honeycomb Panels

  • Lightweight panels with 5mm stone veneer.
  • Applicable for exterior cladding in extreme weather condition.
  • 1500*3000mm large-format panels and easy installation.
  • Experienced fabrication team for complex odd-shape panels Thorough tests for high quality assurances.
  • High performance with economic pricing.

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