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Aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels have been introduced to the world for nearly 50 years. Due to the features of lightweight, large-format, strong and cost-saving, such panels are widely applied in different industries and have been mature applications. In recent years, however, some tragedies in different regions remind people, that the traditional glue-bonding aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum composite panels still have a big risk under fire condition – As its adhesive for bonding the composites is combustible and help to spread fire.

At HONEYTECH, we are dedicated to resolved this issue to keep taking honeycomb panels’ advantages, while to eliminate the concern of fire risk by adopting brazing techniques to manufacture the panels. Our aluminum honeycomb panels have same composition with the traditional glue-bonding ones, however all the layers are connected through molten filler metal under 580 degree Celsius and therefore our panels contain zero combustible material.

Similarly, our ACM metal panels adopts same methodology to connect all the components, while we use embossed aluminum sheet as core material other than the polyethylene used by traditional aluminum composite panels. In this way this new-generation ACM panel is completely fire proof – Not only on the test results but in the real life.

HONEYTECH also offers new-generation stone honeycomb panels which adopts brazed honeycomb backing to enhance the fire performance as a whole. Our stone panels have 6mm thin stone veneer and non-combustible honeycomb panels as backing, which is good choice for both exterior cladding and interior fit-outs.

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