Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for Cladding

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HONEYTECH offers the new generation welded technologies on aluminum honeycomb panels, making it an ideal material for both exterior and interior cladding.

Fully inherits all the benefits from adhesive-bonding honeycomb panels, the revolutionary technology of brazing perfectly solved the concerns on fire safety. The panels we offer does not have any adhesive – All components are welded together to form the composite panels.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are known for its lightweight, large format and flat feature and hence a good option for exterior cladding. Yet traditional glue-bonding panels are combustible under fire scenario and have potential risk for spreading the fire from bottom to top of the building. HONEYTECH applies patented brazing technology to connect the aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum face skins with molten filler metal under 580 degree Celsius. The pane itself contains zero adhesive and therefore 100% non-combustible and fire proof.

We also offer new-generation ACM metal panels which comprises of three layers of aluminum sheets. Unlike the traditional aluminum composite panels using combustible polyethylene core, our ACM metal panels adopts an embossed aluminum as core material and the connection with both-side aluminum sheets is through our patented brazing technique. There is no adhesive applied in our ACM metal panels / aluminum composite panels so it is completely fire proof.

Besides metal composite panels, HONEYTECH also has range of stone honeycomb composite panels for exterior cladding. It is the best option for natural stone cladding as it has same appealing after installation, yet it has huge advantage of cost saving thanks to its lightweight, large-format and robust feature. Click on bottoms in below sections and get to know more details.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for Cladding


  • Lightweight – Weights lightest for the same material in same thickness
  • Fire Safe – No adhesive is adapted, 100% NON-COMBUSITBLE
  • Environmental friendly – All components are metallic, 100% recyclable
  • Stronger than glue-bonding honeycomb panels
  • Better weather resistance – Maximum temperature limitation is up to 600 degree Celsius
  • Long life cycle – No concern on deterioration on adhesive
  • Large format, easy installation
  • Cost saving

More information on the panels

Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb Panels / ACM Panels
  • Aluminum skins welded with honeycomb core / metal.
  • Core 100% adhesive free Comply with most stringent fire regulations.
  • 4 times stronger than glue-bonding panels.
  • Applicable for construction / railway / marine use and more.
  • High Performance with economic pricing

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Stone Honeycomb Panels
  • Lightweight panels with 5mm stone veneer.
  • Applicable for exterior cladding in extreme weather condition.
  • 1500*3000mm large-format panels and easy installation.
  • Experienced fabrication team for complex odd-shape panels Thorough tests for high quality assurances.
  • High performance with economic pricing.

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