HONEYTECH Welded Aluminum Honeycomb Panels / ACM Panels

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HONEYTECH Welded Aluminum Honeycomb Panels / ACM Panels


With patented brazing technics, our aluminum honeycomb panels / ACM panels are fully welded under 600 degree Celsius. There is no glue / adhesive in between the honeycomb core / metal core and aluminum layers, making the panel 100% NON-COMBUSITBLE. Various coating types e.g. PVDF / PE / Powder Coatings are available as finish of the panel. Also the panels are a good substrate for multiple types of surfaces.

HONEYTECH adhesive-free aluminum honeycomb panels are manufactured under our patented brazing process. The honeycomb panels comprise of two layers of aluminum sheets and fire rated aluminum honeycomb core in between and are connected via the molten of filler metals under 580 degree Celsius. All the components therefore do not include any adhesive and ensuring 100% non-combustibility for under different application scenarios which require fire proof honeycomb panels.

Besides honeycomb panels, we also offer new-generation ACM metal panels. Same with traditional aluminum composite panels, our ACM metal panels have overall thickness of 4mm for extreme lightweight and space saving. Yet unlike the traditional aluminum composite panels using polyethylene core which is highly combustible, our ACM panels adopts embossed aluminum sheet as core material, which connecting the upper and lower aluminum by brazing process and therefore adhesive free and absolutely fire proof. Our ACM metal panels are the ultimate solutions for the long-existing fire concern lays on the traditional aluminum composite panels.

Both of our aluminum honeycomb panels and ACM metal panels are applicable for multiple surface treatment, for example PVDF coating, PE coating, Powder coating etc. They are ideal for various applications that needs fire rated panels – Building envelop, marine interior decorations, floating roof for oil tanks, truck bodies, and so on. The honeycomb panels are also a good substrate for more composite panels, for example backing of stone honeycomb panels, which can significantly enhance the fire performance of its kind.

Composition of Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb panels

At HONEYTECH, we provide revolutionary technology of honeycomb composite panels. By adapting brazing techniques, our aluminum panels are fully welded without any adhesive, making it a 100% non-combustible material. While its components are all aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.

Composition of Brazed ACM Panel

HONEYTECH’s new generation ACM panels adopts metal core and applying brazing techniques to weld with aluminum skins, making the panels 100% non-combustible. While its components are all aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.


  • 100% NON-COMBUSITBLE material
  • 4 times stronger than glue-bonding honeycomb panels
  • 100% recyclable due to full metal connections
  • No VOCs
  • Lightweight and Rigid
  • Customable for different sizes and thickness
  • Finished panels can be welded again to form required shapes.

Key Specifications and Comparisons with Glue-Bonding Honeycomb Panels



Welded Honeycomb Panels

Glue-Bonded Honeycomb Panels


Up to 2000mm


Up to 6000mm


10mm to 500mm

Surface Finishes

PVDF / PE / Powder Coating / Anodizing, / Mill, etc

Flatwise Tensile Strength



Flatwise Compressive Strength



Flatwise Shear Strength



Drum Peeling Strength



Flexural Strength




100 years and so on

60 years and subject to adhesive failure during exposed to UV light / acid rain / extreme temperatures

Temperature Resistance

Up to 600 degree celcius

Up to 150 degree celcius

Fire Performance